Chaos and Cakes

So usually anything that happens around here, I affectionately refer to as a “workplace incident,” and, usually, there’s only one or two every week. This doesn’t include all of the things I forget, whether that be a workplace incident or an appointment or a parent teacher’s conference or what day of the week it is … More Chaos and Cakes

A Summer Salad + Six Pepper Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

First of all, let’s just start this post off with some pictures. Some pictures to get your mouth watering. Actually, not watering. Full on drooling. Better grab a tissue to wipe your mouth. Happy scrolling. Obviously, pictures are all you need to be talked into making this recipe! Oh, I guess you need to know the … More A Summer Salad + Six Pepper Buttermilk Ranch Dressing


This is coming to you from the “I’m still blaming the new baby for never cooking” half of the blogger team, and because of that, I may not create new and delicious recipes, but I can scour our favorite bloggers like no other. So this morning, I took a shower. This morning I washed my … More Piggerators

Hugs and Kittens

We’ve come to the conclusion that when somebody tells you, “You look tired,” you take that as a compliment and run. It means you’re doing something. Well, that is assuming your not up until forsaken hours playing video games like “Granduty Call of Tourismo” or something like that. You deserve to be called tired if … More Hugs and Kittens

Beer Candied Pecans

A delicious dessert or flowers to a woman’s heart? Well us craft beer women love desserts paired with beer and food cooked with beer. Anything beer really. We love getting flowers just because, but on Valentine’s Day it’s extra special to get a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers! Yes, they are a waste of money, … More Beer Candied Pecans

Read All About It!

Hello — to everyone new and to those formerly known as “Spooners!”  Who am I kidding?  You will forever and always be Spooners in my eyes.  And to you newbies, welcome! In efforts of keeping this first post to a readable amount, I’ll make the introductions brief.  Check out our “About Us” and follow us to learn more … More Read All About It!