Whipped Maple Butter

Whipped maple butter?  Whipped maple butter beats any cinnamon/honey butter we have tried, hands down! We came across this type of butter at Seven Sushi and Steak Ultralounge over the weekend and needed to attempt to recreate as soon as possible! This would be delicious on any type of bread, rolls, or breakfast item that … More Whipped Maple Butter

Stuff The Halls and Deck The Turkey

Oh, it’s Thanksgiving week! We just adore Thanksgiving! What are we thankful for this year? Receiving so much more than we’ll ever deserve from healthy families, babies, friends, freedoms, faith, and full tables, but mostly we’re thankful for leftovers, Turkey Day leftovers. And you guys, we’re thankful for you guys too. When it comes to … More Stuff The Halls and Deck The Turkey

White Bean Dip

Here is an easy but delicious white bean dip you will have to make for your next get-together!  The spices and cheese make this dip full of flavor, with the added creaminess that balances out the spice! This is a dip that can also be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator if needed. … More White Bean Dip

We Support Bacon

As some of you know, Shelly is an old-soul-mediocre-wanna-be-{newspaper}-writer and writes a column for the town paper weekly, usually very similar to what this blog is — a little satire, a little recipe, a little nonsense, mostly exaggerated, a little truth, usually delicious. This week was no different. I unknowingly and uneducatedly wrote this article the morning before the … More We Support Bacon

Brunch Toast

Good Morning! Alright, we have a short recipe post for you this morning!  We made these little brunch toasts and just had to share, they were delicious! Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. Grocery List: French Bread sliced (We used precut slices from Walmart) Soft spreadable cheese (We used The Brewster House Hickory Smoked) Cooked … More Brunch Toast

Cutthroat Porter Burgers + Garlic Aioli Truffle Fries

It was a chilly night. It was a “let’s light a fire, sit there, and stuff our faces with aioli sauce” kind of night. It was a “it’s been a long week, let’s make burgers with beer” kind of night. It was a “let’s let the toddlers run around outside to burn energy” kind of night. Really, it was the best … More Cutthroat Porter Burgers + Garlic Aioli Truffle Fries

Almond Buttercream Cupcakes + Breckenridge

If you need an easy cupcake recipe, oh, man, have we tracked one down for you! We were struggling on finding an easy from-scratch birthday cake/cupcake recipe to try.  Every time we bake from scratch, it’s always a fail. This cupcake recipe is a true no-fail recipe. Or as we like to call them, “half-scratch.” We decided to give this … More Almond Buttercream Cupcakes + Breckenridge

Creamy Tomato Tortellini + Italian Meatball Soup

Fall, fall, fall, guys!  It’s heeeeere!! As if pumpkin beer, pumpkin frappes, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin breads, and pumpkin desserts haven’t been thrown in your face enough already to make that point abundantly clear, we just wanted to make it blatantly clear that we’re excited. That may have been a little drawn out, but how else are we supposed … More Creamy Tomato Tortellini + Italian Meatball Soup

Grilled Autumn Pizza + Oktoberfest + Winners!

The afternoon got kicked off with a with a food n’ beer trade, hydrocodone, and a backseat cook. Suzi was on the hydro. Shelly was the backseat cook telling Hydro what to do. The incompetent leading drugged? Somehow, little to our knowledge, this pizza came to life. Shelly brought some Toppling Goliath Rover Truck Oatmeal Stout and Sam Adams Oktoberfest to share … More Grilled Autumn Pizza + Oktoberfest + Winners!

Bang Bang Shrimp w/ Kona Beer!

We made some Bang Bang Shrimp Wontons and wanted to share them with you! You have probably seen something similar at Bone Fish Grill or The Cheesecake Factory!   We are no seafood cooking experts, so we decided to follow prepping and cooking steps from another blogger’s instructions on frying shrimp!  Thank you Damn Delicious!  The recipe turned out perfect! We did … More Bang Bang Shrimp w/ Kona Beer!