About Us

Contact Us: thespoonandpint@gmail.com

Just two girls that love food and a good beer. Our cooking style?  See, dump, taste, adjust. Our beer style?  Crafty and delicious. Oh, you want more?


Suzi’s married to The Brains.  A mommy to a Scrumptious Little. This little one goes by Live Bear or Liv. Also a mommy to Milo and Marlee.  But they are better known as “Mimi” or “Ma-Lee” per Livie Bear. Suzi left  her Nursing job behind to work at a brewery. The romantic cook.  The spice of life.  Conquering the kitchen one meal at a time.  App creator – the edible kind, that is – and could live off of apps and apps alone. Lover of grilled recipes.  A homemade sauce making fool.  Just say no to store-bought sauce.  A Dutchman who is learning to bake.  Keeps raw cookie dough in the fridge because that’s how The Brains likes it.  The garden rookie. A  craft beer lover. Her favorites include IPAs & sours! The recipe genius of this operation.

Shelly’s married to The Dashing Gent.  A mommy to a Scrumptious Little or Lady Bird or Chuck.  As well as to Iris and The Beast.  That’s the dog and the cat.  And George, the name of every single one of our “farm” cats.  Lover of this country and our little slice of it.  And church cookbooks.  And vintage aprons.  Another Dutchman who can’t bake.  An old {vinyl-loving, newspaper writing} soul.  The country cottage reno rookie.  The recipe rookie.  But a lover of food, craft beer, and cooking with beer.  But mostly bacon.  And do note, I love my beer like I like my coffee – the darker the better.  Recovering pun addict.  Puns make me hoppy – er, happy. The writer of this operation.

12342722_10153177770231691_3069857739208174870_n (1)

Together, we’re a bunch of food-making, beer-pairing rookies, but somehow our families still manage to survive.



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