A Perfect Snow Day

We recently bought a New Belgium Folly variety pack, and we forgot how much we love Snow Day Winter Ale! What is the history of this beer?  The name came from a 2003 snow storm in Fort Collins, Colorado (where the New Belgium brewery is located). They were piled with 37 inches of snow in two days, all businesses and schools were closed. During this storm, the masterminds at New Belgium came up with a concoction and this beer was created! Hence the perfect name, Snow Day. 


We think everyone deserves a snow day once in awhile (the beer and the real thing!). We are not sure about you, but we love winter snow storms. So many people these day are ditching the Iowa weather and going somewhere warm during the winter months, but this is Iowa and we try to enjoy every season! Even though plowing through snow drifts on your way to work isn’t always fun (unless you ask our husbands) as well as the constant dilemmas of “can I make it to work or not”, we still find a way to appreciate the beauty of winter time.  

We vote that the definition of a perfect snow day is: not working, staying at home, no stress, quality time with your loved ones, lots of cooking, tasting some new beers, cozying up with a blanket by a fire, and watching the snow fall while wearing your pajamas! Sounds perfect right!?  Winter would be everyones favorite season if snow days were mandatory!  


New Belgium Snow Day Winter Ale is dark in color. We enjoy this beer because its smooth and not too heavy. We taste delicious caramel and chocolate nodes. The roasty flavor you taste in the beer comes from roasted walnuts.   This beautiful beer is a classic and one of our favorites for this time of year.  We found it in a New Belgium Folly variety pack at a local grocery store. For more information about New Belgium Brewery please click here.



IMG_2651 (1)

Well, that’s it for the beer talk and snow days that dreams are made of. The spaghetti sauce simmering on my stove needs some meatballs! So the next snow day you get to enjoy, add this beer to your grocery list.  If the weather is horrible just STAY home and do all these things just as we talked about. Winter is a beautiful season, enjoy it with family and friends!

Stay warm and cheers!


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