We Support Bacon

As some of you know, Shelly is an old-soul-mediocre-wanna-be-{newspaper}-writer and writes a column for the town paper weekly, usually very similar to what this blog is — a little satire, a little recipe, a little nonsense, mostly exaggerated, a little truth, usually delicious.

This week was no different. I unknowingly and uneducatedly wrote this article the morning before the deadly warnings came out about bacon and processed meats.


We still support bacon. We still eat bacon. We still support our local meat producers and butchers.

We’re weird like that.

Eat local.

This is a little sneak peek into the column and some weekly ramblings about pigs.

And do keep in mind, we try to always keep our politics and food far and wide from each other, but sometimes sarcasm just takes hold and needs an escape route. Writer’s prerogative?

I hate that word. Prerogative. Blech.

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Click on the link below to read on if you dare. It’s not that spooky.

Wooden Spoon_10.29.15

Mmmerica by Travis Pitts (zom-bot.com)

Happy Halloweenie —


PS: We know that the great citizens of Denmark are called Danes. That’ll make sense once you read the article.

Anyway, until next time..

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