Eatery A : Iowa Eats

The Brains and I decided to have a night out, and this is our story of another night eating our way through Iowa.

Eatery A got our vote for one of our favorite new places to eat in Des Moines and deserved a mention in this week’s blog post! This place is unique, modern, rustic, and cozy all at the same time. With the Edison lighting, chandeliers that sparkle, and the rustic wood bar, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what we would envision for our own restaurant that’s completely made up in our heads. They are not afraid to cook with a little bit of spice, which, you may realize by now, for us, is always a thumbs up! Their wood fired pizza crusts you could eat by themselves, but with their flavorful sauces and fresh ingredients, well, they are even more delicious. Every plate is crafted and creative. They make it an art form. They also have a nice craft beer selection and wine.

Started off the evening off with one of our favorite oatmeal stouts, Toppling Goliath Rover Truck! The Dashing Gent actually drives a rover truck and was this close to meeting the owner of the brewery, but they couldn’t get the timing worked out! Next time, sir, next time.

We describe the taste with some chocolate and molasses flavors. Sweeter after taste.  Toppling Goliath is located in Decorah, Iowa. We always stock up if we see Toppling Goliath on the shelves in our local stores because it’s hard to get your hands on! These come in 4 packs and worth every penny! For more information on this brewery click here. IMG_0716
Then we ordered some appetizers! Perfect for two people to share! We ended up not being able decide between the meatballs and the chicken croquettes. So we ordered both. Because who likes making decisions any way? We’re full grown adults. If we want two appetizers, by gum, we’ll get two appetizers!
Pictured above are the meatballs served with a delicious bread. Flavors exploding in your mouth and some spice! These have grana padano in them. Grana padano? We didn’t know either so we had to look the definition on Google. Turns out this is a slow ripened cheese from Italy. We learn something new every day. We’re here to educate, people. Ha, hardly. But we are definitely keeping this is mind if we see this cheese anywhere in stores and adding to our meatball recipe!


Above is our second appetizer. Just look at those fried chicken croquettes. These had some spice. Crispy on the outside and flavorful in the inside with a delicious red pepper sauce with nuts. There is prosciutto mixed in there as well!

Prosciutto, bacon’s better looking half.

And now the wood fired pizza!
IMG_0724This pizza is the # 4 on their menu. All the wood fired pizzas are $14 dollars!!  This was a pizza with a white sauce and had three cured meats! Prosciutto, guanciale, and lardo. Again, need one read past prosciutto on the menu? If you insist on reading past prosciutto, don’t be intimidated and have an open mind to their Mediterranean inspired menu. The servers are very helpful. Everything is delicious, creative, and unique! You can’t go wrong. Another pizza to check out is the #7! This had sausage, red pepper, and crispy shallots with a red sauce! Their crust is so good. Yup, we said it again.  It’s delicious and cooked perfectly!

Wood fired pizzas, the only way to eat pizza!  Maybe one day we will own a stone oven. Oh, that would be the day, a dreamy, delicious day.

We ended the night with a Two Brothers Atom Smasher. Yup, another Oktoberfest because it’s fall beer season! This beer was one of the strongest Oktoberfest’s we have had this year. The ABV is 7.7%. Never had an aged Oktoberfest before! Such a pretty amber color, malty, and a bit fruity. Not too heavy and sweeter flavor. This brewery is located in Warrenville, Illinois. For more info on this brewery click here. 


So the next time you have a date night or looking for a great place to eat, definitely check out Eatery A in Des Moines. Unique fresh menu. Wood fired Pizza. Great beer. That is all you need!  We have yet to try their happy hour from 3-6. They have half off pizzas and beverage specials during this time. They also serve brunch! You know how much we love brunch! They start serving at 10am on weekend days! For more info on Eatery A, click here!


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