Iowa: Your next Vaca

We all got together last weekend — Dashing Gent, Brains, and Scrumptious Littles — and it was WAY overdue.  When it came to supper and cooking, we all readily voted no. Hmm, so what now? We decided take out was the next best option. We picked Goldie’s! Its a local place with awesome food. We all ordered tenderloins of course with loaded Goldie fries. The little ones got fries and chicken strips! They like to “dip it” — ketchup, wanch, the occasional yogurt — really whatever you can find that resembles dip.  They’re both in that “let’s dip our grapes in ranch and see if it tastes good” phase.  Dip on, girls, dip on.

If you are ever in Iowa, we beg of you, please stop by this local ice cream shoppe and check out their tenderloins!  Not only are they voted Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloins, but we promise you will love them.  We affectionately call this slice of heaven Goldie’s.  The tenderloins are so huge — well, just look at that thing! It’s huge! Also, their meat is local, which is always a plus. If you’re like us, it’s always nice to know where your food is coming from. To learn more about Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe, menu items, and hours, please click here.  You won’t regret it, and who knows, you may be planning a trip to Iowa now to check it out for yourself.  We strongly encourage you to do so.  We’re more than just corn fields.

Some of our favorite menu items include:

+ Magg Combo, pictured. It’s a breaded tenderloin with a cheeseburger on top with pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard all on one bun! We like to dip it in their homemade ranch, so be sure you get a side of ranch! Now, speaking of ordering a “side” of ranch, you may think that sounds a little strange.  A side?  A whole side of ranch? Like the dressing? We Iowans are serious about our ranch. We don’t just ask, “Can I have some ranch on the side?”  No. Sinful. You ask, “Can I have a side of ranch equivalent to the size of a soup bowl?”  We treat a side of ranch like a side of mashed potatoes on your Thanksgiving plate.  I digress.

+ The Pork Tenderloin- Voted Iowa’s BEST breaded tenderloin

+Loaded Goldie Fries- beer battered fries topped with bacon and cheese

+Monster Cookie Twister- vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, cookie dough, granola, and M&M’s, but we like substituting the M&M’s with Reece’s Pieces!

+Cheese Curds with Homemade Ranch- Because, I mean, fried cheese is always a winner! There’s that ranch again!

+Potato Salad- The owner’s family classic! I mean, just look at that thing!  She’s a beaut, Clark! Side bar: who is excited to see “Vacation”?!  Now if only we could somehow sneak this into the theater…

IMG_7669-1 IMG_7671 The beer pictured with this tenderloin is Dales Pale Ale. Always a great option. It’s an amber color, taste some floral hops and malty, and 6.5 ABV, American Pale Ale. This brewery is located in Longmont, Colorado. This beer is always good with a burger, so obviously it’s even greater with the tenderloin-burger pictured above! And for dessert — drumroll, please — we did some beer sharing! This beer is 8% ABV. It’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout, an American Double/ Imperial Stout, that never disappoints. Flavors include coffee, a hint of bourbon, and chocolate. We all had Maple Glazed Krispy Kremes.  My word, guys, Maple. Glazed. Donuts. The first time either of us had been left completely speechless. This all tasted pretty awesome together.  IMG958987 Peace, Love, and Tenderloins — S|S

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