Friday Favorites!

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We’re jumping on yet another bandwagon and doing a post on our Friday Favorites!  It was this or — yeah, really only this.

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Shelly’s Friday Favorite Recipe
I don’t have a favorite recipe per se.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I don’t have A favorite recipe.  I have MANY favorite recipes.  With that being said, it is summer, it is garden season, and with that brings fresh tomatoes!  I don’t know your feelings on this, but I DETEST cutting into a fresh ‘mater, with a knife you think is fairly sharp, and still have all his juices and innards run all over.  You done murdered your tomato, and your cutting board may never recover after that horrific scene it witnessed.  I give you the tomato knife!  One thing we can all agree on in the summer months is nothing beats a BLT with fresh ‘maters.  Now your BLTs will be exceptionally delicious because you didn’t murder your tomato.  Click here to purchase one of these bad boys, not to mention a lot of other fun kitchen gadgets!  And at $7.95, your tomatoes will thank you.  Remember, hand wash only!

tomato kinfe

Shelly’s Favorite Summer Beer
Click here to discover all of Abita’s brews.

Now, it’s been a coupla years since I’ve had any Abita beer, but this Strawberry Harvest and Purple Haze were always my go-to.  I burnt myself out on them a couple summers ago, but I do reckon it’s time they make a return to our fridge!

The Strawberry Harvest is definitely one of the more “girly” beers I drink.  Well, really the only “girly” beer I drink compared to the regular stouts and porters.  Something about a light, fruity beer on a beach though gets me EVERY TIME.  You’re probably wondering to yourself, where in the Midwest do you guys beach it?  Well, wonder no more!  I give you my family’s Water Retention Landscaping Device with optional redneck diving board. 


Anyway, the beer is a low key 4.2%, refreshing, made with real strawberry juices, and can be sipped from one of our favorite glasses: the tulip glass!  Now go find a water retention landscaping device near you, some friends, a light, fruity lager, and call it a day!


Suzi’s Friday Favorite Recipe
The Beeroness Chocolate Stout Fudge Sauce

This sauce can be used to top waffles, ice cream sundaes, dessert crepes, or even put it in your coffee, you name it!  I have made this weekly for the past month after I discovered this recipe and sauce stores in the fridge quite nicely. I tweaked just a tad from original recipe. Click here for full recipe instructions! Her blog is amazing and recipes are delicious.

3 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 cup of your favorite dark beer (I have used Millstream Backroad Stout & New Belgium 1554)
2 tablespoons karo syrup
1/2 cup of Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup of Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips

Heat all ingredients but the chocolate chips in a pan. Once your to a boil take off burner and stir in chocolate chips. Let chocolate cool a little bit before serving.

I used this fudge sauce on S’more Crepes a few weeks back. First make a crepe… Don’t have a dessert crepe recipe? Click here! (go with the sweet variation for this style of crepe). After crepes are cooked, load it with two melted marshmallows, Hershey’s candy bar pieces, graham crackers, whipped cream and chocolate sauce! The Brains and our fellow neighbors approved! My Grandma even put the chocolate fudge sauce in her coffee yesterday!IMG_2788

Suzi’s Favorite Summer Beer
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

This brewery is located in Bend, Oregon. This beer is perfect pool side. Very fruity. Crisp. Clean. Has two types of hops in it which include: Citra and Mosaic hops. One of my favorite IPA’s in the warmer months. The ABV (alcohol by volume) is 6.40% and IBU of 60 (International Bittering Units).  IBU level is good to look at when choosing your beer.  The IBU level ranges from 1-100.  So one being less bitter, 100 being most bitter. I have seen beers over the 100 level before as well. Just a good guideline to go by! IMG_0900 The Spoon and Pint’s  Friday Favorite Brunch Item:
“Egg in a hole”

Here is easy directions from Pioneer Woman! She makes anything possible. Click here for full recipe directions. Here is our egg in a hole pictured below… This one has butter and garlic salt on the bread and the egg is seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper. IMG_7390 Options are endless with this breakfast item. You can take the one pictured above  to the next level by adding bacon, an avocado slice and cheese on top. Maybe some Sriracha to give it some heat! You can even make a egg in hole sandwich.

Egg in a hole sandwich directions:
Cook egg in hole slice like normal. When cooking egg in hole slice prep your other slice of bread! (Do not cut hole in bottom piece of bread) Butter one side like your making grilled cheese. On non-buttered side, add your favorite toppings/ seasonings. Then place butter side on skillet. Add the egg in hole slice on top of your toppings.  Heat until cheese melted and bottom of bread is a golden brown. Now you have an “egg in hole sandwich!” IMG_7512.JPG This egg in the hole sandwich had bacon, sautéed green peppers, fried potatoes, Monterey jack shredded cheese, old bay seasoning, some pancake syrup, smoked paprika, sea salt and white pepper. Topped it with hollandaise sauce (We cheated on the hollandaise sauce, and we used a packet). We personally love the store bought hollandaise sauce packet. Its fast, easy, and tasty. Adding hollandaise sauce to any type of food makes it better.

Our next mission is to try a breakfast sausage style gravy over them.  We will let you know how they turn out! Maybe we will try this for our brunch we are hosting for our friends in a couple of weeks. We have to figure out a way to cook them all at once though. Thats the tricky part. Maybe on a cookie sheet in the oven or the grill? Stay tuned!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

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