Beer Shakes!

FullSizeRender So we decided to hop on the wagon and give Shakeology a try for ourselves, but I don’t think we’re doing it right?  Either way, these are out of this world.  A one bite and your brainbox will explode kind of good. IMG_6947 You can certainly use store bought hot fudge if you’re short on time, but the rich homemade fudge sauce takes this to the next level.  Now, if you don’t want to make hot fudge because it sounds intimidating, well, then, you’d be correct.  It is scary, but between the two of us, we lived to tell about it.  We didn’t melt anything, we even used a thing called a double boiler.  IMG_1928Correction:  A makeshift double boiler.  Bottom line: we didn’t scorch the chocolate. Yay!  We thought we did, got scared, tasted it several times, and then determined it was kosher and to just roll with the punches.  Moral of the story? When you think you’ve ruined something, taste it {if said something is edible} and proceed if it still tastes good.  Once we added the remaining ingredients, it smoothed out, got shiny, gorgeous, and most importantly, totally edible. IMG_1931 The recipe we went off of was from Fresh & Foodie.   Click here for full recipe directions. Our beer of choice, however, was a porter.  A porter that each and every one of you reading this needs to try right now.  Go on, get to the store, and purchase some.  I can wait until you return to finish this one-sided conversation.  Actually, while you’re at the store, pick up these goods posted below!

Grocery List:
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
4 oz ghirardelli 100 cacao unsweetened chocolate
2/3 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
6 tablespoons light karo syrup
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
6 oz of a chocolate porter {no more and no less, Fresh and Foodie nailed this amount}
1/2 pint of soft serve vanilla ice-cream

After chocolate sauce has cooled, mix ice cream, 6 ounces of the porter, 4 tablespoons of the chocolate sauce in a blender. Blend until smooth. Garnish as much or as little as your cooking spirit deems fit. IMG_1952 Suzi’s mama shared her wonderful ooey-oh-so-gooey brownies with us, so obviously this shake made the perfect home for a couple of them.  We also made and used fresh {edible} cookie dough, whipped cream, sprinkles, and the chocolate sauce!  Some other options could be crushed pretzels, maybe some pecans, crushed peanuts, oreos, vanilla cookies, teddy grahams, animal crackers — oh, now things are just getting out. of. control. Like the kitchen did.. A box full of awkward, but necessary post-pregnancy gifts and a children’s teapot.  Real life, folks. IMG_1961 But keep in mind, Suzi whipped up her AMAZING dill egg salad for lunch for us before we even started the real mess! But then we ate our shakes, finished the beer, and cleaned up while the girls played in the sprinkles.  Seriously, rain sprinkles and cake sprinkles.  Sprinkles everywhere. IMG_1965 IMG_1968 The beer we used today is from Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado. This is one of Colorado’s first craft breweries. Chocolate Shake tastes like dessert and is exactly why they named it what they did. 5.9 ABV. It is loaded with flavor, and one of our favorites. Some of the flavors include dark chocolate, coffee and caramel. We chose this one because of the distinct sweet flavors in it. This beer is spot on and mixes well with all of the sweetness in this milk shake.  To the purist beer drinker out there, sorry — not sorry — we treated this beer in the manner we did.  It liked it, I promise. It is also a good drinker beer and a treat on its own!  We also recommend this on nitro! It’s so lush that way!  I mean, we highly recommend you try it nitro. Today. This weekend. Next week.  We don’t care when, just put it on your honey-do list. To read more about this brewery click here.  And lush?  Did we really just describe a beer as lush? IMG_6936 Cooking with toddlers is no easy task, and that’s how we get inspired to make what we do. It’s not a pretty sight half the time, but the girls don’t care, and they get so spoiled on cooking days.  This week was ice cream and cookie dough and chocolate and sprinkles.  We know they won’t remember this day when they are grown, but we will, and we’ll have many a story to tell how they lovingly gave us our gray hair. sprinkles With love and bare feet — S/S

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