Grilled Salmon with Fresh Dill Sauce


Directions for Salmon:

Rinse fish with water. Let sit at room temperature for 15 minutes. Cover in olive oil, lemon juice, coarse sea salt, cracked black pepper & dill weed. Place slices of butter and lemons on top before grilling. Grill at 500 degrees until fish reaches 140 degrees. This one was only about 1/2 inch thick so I grilled for 6 minutes. We recommend to buy salmon with the skin on. Grill skin down and we do not flip the fish. Take skin off before serving.


Fresh Dill sauce:
We found the sauce recipe from Cooking Classy. For full recipe click here.

Ingredients used for Dill Sauce:
1/3 cup of plain low-fat yogurt
3 tablespoons of mayo
1 tablespoon fresh dill weed
1 teaspoon fresh minced garlic
2-3 teaspoons of milk
1/2 teaspoon of honey
Salt and pepper to taste (added some white pepper because we love it)

Mix all dill sauce ingredients together & Served with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli. Enjoy!

With Love,

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