Read All About It!

Hello — to everyone new and to those formerly known as “Spooners!”  Who am I kidding?  You will forever and always be Spooners in my eyes.  And to you newbies, welcome!

In efforts of keeping this first post to a readable amount, I’ll make the introductions brief.  Check out our “About Us” and follow us to learn more of who we are as time goes along!

First of all let me begin by saying, Suzi and I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who found us, support us, follow us, read us, friended us, grew us, pushed us, and whatever else you have done to contribute to this, sincerely, we thank you.  Without you, there would be no this.  Well, actually, there would be this, but it would be just us, and that’s lame.  You all are what makes this so fun.

So who are Spooners? “The Wooden Spoon” was founded by Shelly, and it is a column published weekly in our town paper.  I commonly refer to the readers as “Spooners,” so to answer the question dancing in your heads, no, this is not a weird blog about spooning.

As fate would have it, a dear mutual friend introduced me and Suzi.  We were both six months pregnant with our first babies and mildly to moderately upset we could no longer partake in delicious craft beers.  We sat around the campfire bonding by stuffing our ravenous faces and comparing pregnancy war stories constantly asking, “Is this ‘fill-in-the-blank’ normal?”  Little did we know as complete strangers then, we’d be where we are now a short two years later.

Feel free to join us on this very unknown journey.  We are learning as we go, so please be patient.  We’re no chefs, we’re no brewers.  We’re just wives and mamas {to now toddlers} who love our kitchens… and a good brewery.

Now, a recipe is coming.  Beer is coming, but for now, excuse me, I have to go track down where this smoked meat smell wofting through my window is coming from.  Priorites, guys.

With Love,

Shelly n’ Suzi

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